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There's something for everyone in Grovelands Park, from running and tennis in the park to concerts and exhibitions. Grovelands Park is open all year round and is readily accessible by public transport. Plan your visit to Grovelands Park.

Wood Carving

Courtesy of a much-appreciated initiative by Thames 21 a highly skilled chainsaw operating tree carver arrived in the park and has created some wonderful additions out of a fallen dead tree. What appears at first glance to be some sort

Celebrating Humphrey Repton

The beautiful vista of the original parkland for Grovelands House, now the Priory, was laid out by master gardener Humphrey Repton. It is this landscape that now makes up most of our treasured Groveland Park. In 2018 The Garden’s Trust 

Air Ambulance

On August 12th 2016 the park got a surprise visitor when the Air Ambulance dramatically dropped out of the sky. A neighbour who used to visit the park regularly needed urgent medical care and the Air Ambulance crew efficiently took

Near Miss

One of our new bridges was very lucky to survive a near miss in the February high winds. A large tree got blown down landing just a short distance from the bridge rails. Several other trees got blown down and


This year there are three swans on the lake. One got stuck on the ice so was rescued and taken to a swan sanctuary to recover. It was then released. Three cygnets were born which looked beautiful on the lake