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News / Your Park Needs You!

Now it is time to ‘do your bit’ and support the Friends Jubilee celebration.

We do need  more volunteers to make the event a safe and happy one for all.  Even a couple of hours will help.

Volunteers are needed to help set up on Friday3rd June d – there are gazebos to put up, signs to be put in place, an exhibition to be installed,  bunting to be hung and infrastructure to be managed.

Some volunteers have come forward to help out, but many more volunteers are needed.

We particularly need you to help to steward the event on Saturday 4th 4th June to ensure the safety of the public and those participating.

We will have first aiders on hand, of course, but we need stewards to oversee all activities – the exhibition, the dance tent, the memory tent, the TV tent, the dog show; to gently remind people to put their litter in a bin and not leave it on the ground!!    We will have concessions with food and drink and stewards are needed to make sure that people attending the event enjoy it all but keep themselves and others safe.

Stewards are also needed for the vehicle access gates into the park to ensure only those running the event can bring their cars in – we particularly need to make sure the public does not try to drive in and park via Broad Walk.

We will draw up a rota for the Saturday and even volunteering to do a couple of hours stewarding would make a huge difference to the workload we have to carry.

We will also need volunteers on Sunday morning to assist with the take-down and do any necessary litter-picking!!

Please contact Janice to volunteer and help make this a Jubilee to remember.

Email jebrownlee@virginmedia.com or via info@friendsofgrovelands.co.uk

We will arrange a meeting of volunteers a few days before the event to ensure all necessary areas are covered.

Thank you in advance for your support