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News / Coronavirus and Grovelands

Now that the restrictions are being eased somewhat, many more people will be using the park for longer periods of time. This is to be encouraged because everyone needs to get out, do their exercise, sit with their families and enjoy the park. However, the downside to this is the litter produced by those having their picnics (and you must remember, barbeques are prohibited in all parks), which is left behind by some inconsiderate people who are less responsible than others.
While it is doubtless very nice to pop into M&S/a local store/Asda etc and collect the “fixings” for a picnic, it also generates huge quantities of plastic packaging, tins, bottles and food waste. It is essential this is dealt with in a responsible manner; while there are lidded wheelie-bins (and anything touched by food can be placed in them) their capacity is limited and, if they are full, bags of litter must never be placed around them on the ground where they can be torn open by foxes, etc.
We would also point out that there is no excuse what-so-ever for bringing your domestic waste into the park and leaving it there.
We have no quarrel with those who want to picnic and enjoy the park – but given that the number of park staff is reduced by budget cuts and the need for isolation of those staff possibly affected by the virus – we would ask that all park users behave extremely responsibly and ensure any debris from their refreshments are taken away – if you bring it into the park, you should also take it away with you.
There has also been anecdotal evidence that there has been an increase in dog pooh not being bagged and put into the bins. Will all dog walkers please ensure that they obey the rules and pick up after their dog. The majority of regular dog walkers are scrupulous in cleaning up so others especially children do not end up treading in it. Regrettably there are an irresponsible careless few who do not keep an eye on their dogs at all times and fail to clean up and spoil it for everybody. Sometimes it maybe accidental as maybe a runner has a dog with them and the dog is trailing behind and they don’t see whilst others seem so pre-occupied with a mobile phone that they don’t notice that their dog has stopped to do the business but these are not excuses.
Every dog walker should be in control of their dog at all times and must always pick up any pooh and put it in the bins provided.

If people adhered to all these guidelines we can all continue to enjoy our special and lovely park.

Michael McDonagh

Chairman The Friends of Grovelands Park