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News / Adventure Playground.

Visitors to the park will be dismayed to see that the wooden adventure playground equipment has been completely removed from the location in the wood, where it was very popular. Most of the equipment was decommissioned as allegedly unsafe but the TFOGP were not entirely convinced and wanted to find a solution to the problem by repairing this well used feature. Unfortunately LBE, who claim a lack of resources, failed to show up for meetings to discuss the problem and could provide no positive viable suggestions. They seemed determined to just remove the wooden equipment, which in spite of our requests to hold off they went ahead and had a contractor come in to take it all away. One reason they give is that there is a policy not to have wooden play equipment in the Borough Parks but they do have similar equipment at Forty Hall and elsewhere. Even St Paul’s school has a new wooden playground.

TFOGP want to find a way of restoring an Adventure play area with equipment that is in keeping with the woodland area and if anybody has suggestions for funding sources please let us know. Surely we do not want to go for a third summer with nowhere for the older children to play.

Meetings have now taken place with representatives of LBE who now agree the wooden Adventure Playground Equipment should be  restored . They are willing  to put in some funds if we can match fund the cost and we have applied for a National Lottery Heritage grant . We await a decision .